Connecting the Dots One Future at a Time

Thousands of our students walk down the traditional time-tested educational path, which leads them to very bright futures. We are known for raising the bar on educational standards for every child who passes through our doors. Our expectations are high, but together, we work with every student to help them rise to meet those expectations. Here are some of the additional programs we offer to meet specific interests and needs.

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Early College High School

Our Early College High School is education innovation at its best. The aim of Early College is to assist families by having qualified students earn a high school diploma while simultaneously earning two years of transferable college credit or an associate’s degree, all at no cost to their families. Early College is an excellent opportunity for students who are first generation college-goers.


Various CCS schools offer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curricula. These highly sought after magnet school STEM programs emphasize connections within and between the fields of mathematics and science with heavy and meaningful integration of technology. Theme-based schools provide the opportunity for advanced learning, as well as hands-on learning and enrichment experiences. Each student studies the North Carolina standard curriculum, however, the focus of the curricular experiences is theme based.

Specialized Offerings


We accept, cherish, teach, and lift up every child who walks through our doors. No matter their different ability, we meet each child where he or she is. Together, we serve, support, and advocate for each student in order to help him or her achieve their full potential. Whether academically gifted or an exceptional child, students can receive differentiated educational services beyond those ordinarily provided by the traditional educational program. We also offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses that deliver additionally challenging classwork giving students a taste of what college classes are like. Our district is also proud to participate in the Career and College Promise program — North Carolina's commitment to helping

every qualified student gain access to an affordable education. It allows high school students the opportunity to take college level courses at a local community college and earn transferable college credit to many North Carolina colleges, while simultaneously attending high school. For students not interested in attending college, the program allows them to receive a credential, certificate or diploma in a variety of highly sought-after technical careers.



Nothing says school pride more than cheering crowds at a Friday night basketball or football game, or the screams of encouragement from parents and friends at a Saturday afternoon track meet or soccer match. Cabarrus County Schools is proud to offer a diverse and robust organized athletic experience that encourages student athletes to develop their mental, physical and emotional well-being. Basketball, baseball, cheerleading, cross-country, track, tennis, golf, soccer, football, swimming, softball, wrestling, volleyball, and team trainer and manager are all athletic options to help develop the minds and bodies of CCS students.

Fine Arts

Research proves that students receive intellectual benefits from music education, socialization benefits from studying and participating in dramatic arts, and critical thinking, cognitive and creative skills from visual arts. No doubt these subject areas help stimulate the mind and develop the imagination. They also allow students the opportunity to display their talents. CCS offers art, music, chorus, dance, and drama. We recently expanded the band program to include younger students – 6th graders – allowing more students the opportunity to participate in the music program and have more time to develop and refine their musical skills.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

International Baccalaureate (IB) is a challenging program that offers students an opportunity to learn through the lens of global studies. Students are pushed to excel and utilize various technologies and digital tools as an integral part of the learning process. IB theme schools share a common philosophy — a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education. Theme-based schools provide the opportunity for advanced learning, as well as hands-on learning and enrichment experiences. Each student studies the North Carolina standard curriculum, however, the focus of the curricular experiences is theme based.

Career and Technical Education

Educational paths don’t always lead to college. CCS has several exciting career and technical education programs for those with a desire to learn skills that will get them ready to enter the workforce immediately following graduation.  Some of the more popular programs include the Fire Academy at Concord High School, the Culinary Arts program at Hickory Ridge High School, and the Robotics program at Jay M. Robinson High School. Thanks to Lisa Conger, CCS Director of Career and Technical Education and  North Carolina CTE Administrator of the Year, more exciting programs are in the works, including an Advanced Manufacturing program for the district, as well as a new Biotechnology Academy.