2016-18 Strategic Plan Highlights

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Goal 1
Every student in the Cabarrus County School system will graduate from high school prepared for work, further education and citizenship.

1.1 Increase the number of students prepared for post-secondary education and the workplace.

1.2 Increase student performance on the state's End-of-Grade (EOG) Assessments and End-of-Coarse (EOC) Assessments.

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Goal 2
Every student will experience a personalized education in the Cabarrus County School system.*

2.1 Increase the number of students involved and who successfully complete an effective specialty school or program.

2.2 Increase student demonstration of CCS global competencies and attributes, including all subgroups.

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Goal 3
Every student, every day has excellent educators.

3.1 Increase supports needed to increase employee recruitment and retention

3.2 Expand differential professional development opportunities to match the attributes and uniqueness of individual educators and students.

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Goal 4
CCS has effective and efficient financial, facility, and technology systems, as well as community partnerships to serve its students, parents and educators.

4.1 Effectively and efficiently use funds to meet CCS goals and initiatives.

4.2 Increase the number of student seats to meet growth in our community.

4.3 Increase and utilize professional and parental quality partnerships.

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Goal 5
Every student is safe, healthy and responsible.

5.1 Create and maintain a safe and respective school environment.

5.2 Promote positive decision making, healthy choices and active lifestyles for students.

5.3 Increase school participation and attendance.

5.4 Promote a culturally responsive approach to discipline and suspensions.

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You can view our Strategic Plan in its entirety online at www.cabarrus.k12.nc.us. Find it in the Useful Links section.

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We believe in: · Educating the whole child · personalized educational approaches for each child · caring and respectful relationships · safe, motivating, and inviting learning environments · Integrity and honesty · parent and community partnerships · fiscal responsibility and efficient operations · data-driven decisions · achieving success and educational excellence