A Dream Fulfilled

The Emily Francis Story


With unparalleled commitment and passion for teaching CCS students, meet one of our superstar ESL teachers who is doing everything in her power to transform students’ lives. Emily Francis, an ESL teacher at Concord High School, says successfully achieving her dream did not come easy, but it was worth each and every one of the 12 years of perseverance that took her from high school dropout to University of North Carolina, Charlotte graduate.

For Emily, she says it’s about changing someone else’s life with her potential and making a difference. She explains, “It’s being able to hear a student say, I’m doing this because of you Miss Francis. I can write in English because you taught me. I can read this because you taught me. I am not dropping out of school because you taught me to believe in myself.”

Watch Emily’s Video Interview


See and hear the passion and commitment she has for her students.

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